Clear Scope & Objectives   

Trinity collaborates with our clients to identify their concerns and agree upon clear objectives and scope of work.

Oil & Gas Asset Inventory   

The gathering, categorization and analysis of pertinent documents provided by the client in order to create a catalog of their oil and gas properties, including gross acres, net acres, and interest.

A complete inventory helps identify the appropriate attention to give each property.

GIS Mapping   

  • Trend Mapping — includes color-coded well and recent drilling permit locations
  • Ranch Mapping — aerial photographs and ranch boundaries
  • Custom Mapping — custom features can be added to any of the above maps such as oil and gas facilities, pipelines, geologic data, deer blinds, ranch roads, headquarters, etc.

A visual representation of critical data helps clients develop a clear strategy for managing their assets.

Preliminary Evaluation   

A broad review and report of Client’s data including initial Trend map, check details, leases and title documents on a specific property.

A clear understanding of a specific asset and the surrounding exploration enables the client to make the best management decisions.

Oil & Gas Lease Negotiations   

The best negotiation tool in the world is the ability to walk away. The lease provides the rules by which exploration will be conducted and royalties paid. However, one size does not fit all. Each lease Trinity negotiates is tailored for the specific client and acres. There are basically three levels of leases:

  • "Printed Form" - customized by oil company
  • Printed Form - additional provisions generated by Trinity
  • Manuscript Form - generated in conjunction with an oil and gas attorney

Negotiation of leases is an important process as well as a delicate art. Trinity clients benefit from our 30-plus years of experience in identifying and fighting for maximum compensation and critical lease provisions.

Pipeline Negotiations

Pipeline negotiations present some of the most difficult challenges facing surface owners. Timing and experience are critical. Trinity leverages its experience to the client’s advantage to bargain for best compensation, location, and contract.

Lease Compliance   

Lease Review and Summary   

  • Royalty   

    An outline of the Oil & Gas Lease with a focus on the Lessee’s obligations pertaining to metering, measuring, volume, calculations, methodology, quality analysis, price and deductions.

  • Non-Royalty   

    An outline of the Oil & Gas Lease with a focus on the Lessee’s obligations and rights specified in provisions such as critical dates, continuous development, pooling, and retained acreage, etc.

Check Detail Maintenance   

Trinity maintains accurate and consistent records of royalty payments on a well and lease basis which relieves the overwhelming burden for royalty owners to reconcile the enormous amount of data necessary to validate correct royalty payments, out of period adjustments, and severance tax deductions and reimbursements.

Utilizing our proprietary LandTracker database, check detail information pertaining to volumes, prices, deductions, taxes and adjustments are memorialized for analysis

Field Data Maintenance   

Trinity professionals request and analyze meter volume statements, BTU analysis and run tickets provided by the operator.

Royalty Analysis & Audit

Royalty Management reconciles the royalty provisions of the oil and gas lease with royalties actually paid, field operations, the raw back up obtained from the operator and publicly available information from the Texas Railroad Commission and Texas Comptroller.

When royalty payment accuracy is a motivating part in management, Trinity coordinates its efforts with this over-arching consideration. The royalty provisions are arguably the most important of the lease and dictate how the oil company is required to pay royalties.

Key points, such as metering, measuring, volume calculations, methodology, quality analysis and pricing, are critical in determining proper royalty payments.

Royalty Management includes:

  • Preliminary Evaluation
  • Lease Summary (Royalty)
  • Check Detail Maintenance
  • Field Inspection (Royalty)
  • Field Data Maintenance
  • Division Order Review

Royalty Management and associated services are billed on an hourly basis.

Division Order Analysis   

Trinity professionals will review all division orders received from Operators/Purchasers and verify the accuracy of the decimal interest based on examination of ownership information available; including, but not limited to: deeds, title documents, title opinions, leases and unit designations.

Field Inspections

  • Royalty   

    Trinity professionals visually inspect well sites and production facilities to gain an understanding of the plumbing, piping, separation, metering, storage, and compression. Findings are presented in a written report.

    A clear understanding of how the hydrocarbons travel from the wellhead across the pad, to facilities, and ultimately to the market, is critical in order to support the analysis of royalty payments.

  • Non-Royalty   

    Trinity professionals conduct a Well Inventory, review Surface Operations and Damage Assessment, and determine Surface Reclamation and Remediation.

    Understanding the asset, operations, and impact on the surface is essential to assure proper compensation and reclamation. 

Ad Valorem Tax Support   

Based on appraisal valuations supplied by the client, Trinity professionals: 

  • Document pertinent ad valorem tax valuation information on an annual basis
  • Maintain an inventory of the client’s:
    • Properties/Wells
    • County and State
    • Property Values
    • Property Taxes
    • Mineral Interest Decimal
    • Property Description
    • Operators
  • Compare individual well tax valuation annually
  • Coordinate with ad valorem tax engineers regarding protesting the valuation of significant, revenue producing properties

Trinity provides our clients with additional peace of mind concerning their Ad Valorem Tax obligations.

Dispute Resolution

Trinity professionals are experienced in complex negotiations and resolutions of disputes.

We help our clients identify and resolve breaches of the lease, avoiding litigation whenever possible.

Litigation Support

Trinity experts work with oil and gas attorneys and litigators to present a clear substantiated position and/or damage model through research, analysis and formatting of data.

  • Focused Mapping
  • Damage Models
  • Expert Consulting

Knowing the answer before you ask the question avoids surprises.

Expert Consulting & Witness